Sarah Jessica Parker to Host Obama Fundraiser in NYC

Sarah Jessica Parker Preps to Host a Democratic Soiree

Sarah Jessica Parker and James Wilkie Broderick held hands in NYC.

Sarah Jessica Parker held hands and chatted with James Wilkie Broderick on their daily walk to school today in NYC. She dropped him off and then casually strolled home in her effortlessly cool cuffed jeans and Converse sneakers. SJP's known for her sense of style and a lucky fan could win the chance to get a sneak peek inside her home by entering a lottery. Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica are supporting President Obama's reelection campaign and hosting a fundraising event at their Manhattan home. By making a small donation to the campaign, you'll be entered to win an opportunity to rub elbows with SJP, Matthew, the president, and influential democrats on June 14. George Clooney held a similar event in LA that raised a record-setting $15 million. The Fall is shaping up to be an exciting season both personally and professionally for SJP. In addition to keeping a close eye on the presidential race, she's also one of the major stars making a cameo on Glee.