Sarah Jessica Parker Pictures With James and Loretta

Sarah Jessica Parker Wraps Up Lovelace and Returns to Her Kids — but Not the Super Bowl

Sarah Jessica Parker and Loretta Broderick faced the Winter weather.

Sarah Jessica Parker left her NYC home Friday with two of her three children. Her 10-year-old son James Wilkie Broderick led the way to their car, while SJP followed carrying Loretta, one of her twin girls. It seems baby Tabitha didn't go along for the outing, but she's often seen exploring the Big Apple with mom SJP and Loretta.

Yesterday was a special occasion for the family, as Matthew Broderick's Ferris Bueller Super Bowl ad aired. However, SJP doesn't care for the Super Bowl too much. The actress, who's fresh from filming a small part in Lovelace, said recently, "I can tell you honesty, I will not be watching the football game. I have absolutely no interest. . . How long does [the game] last? Up to four hours? Really? If I had four hours of leisure time, I would watch the first episode of Luck and start the first season of Mad Men or Downton Abbey. You get my point."