Sarah Michelle Gellar gets comfy in couture for this week's issue of Parade magazine out to promote her new movie The Air I Breathe. Does anyone else think she's channeling Mischa Barton just a little in that first photo? Random. In the interview she talks in little bits about her new movie and that name change everyone is talking about. Here are highlights:

  • On her name: “My friends know me as Prinz, but I’ll answer to just about anything. Sometimes people mistake me for Sarah Jessica Parker, and I answer to that too.”
  • On her new movie: “I’ve seen a close-to-final cut...and my gut reaction is tough to say or to be objective about. But, oh, what a cast!”
  • On turning 30: “That was a traumatic year...I think 30 is really, really young, but I have accomplished a few things.”

That's not exactly a rave review for her own movie, but maybe she's just being coy? And while we're still getting used to Sarah Michelle Prinze, it sounds like if you stick to Sarah and two other names, it's fine by her.