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Scarlett Johansson For Paste Magazine

Scarlett Johansson Dishes on Her Dads

Scarlett Johansson spent some time in the wilderness in a photoshoot reminiscent of her new album cover contemplating life and men for Paste magazine. Sure, she looks cute in that red dress, but we're too busy trying to picture her wedding gown already. In the article titled "My Five Dads" Scarlett keeps quiet about her new fiancé Ryan Reynolds (boo), but she dishes on the men she considers father figures: Bill Murray, Woody Allen, Tom Waits, Barack Obama, and Bob Dylan. Here are highlights:

  • On Bill Murray: “Bill brings an integrity to the work because he really personalizes it,” she says. “He shared his own kind of wisdom in that film. Some of his lines were things he had written, very poignant moments like when he says, ‘You get older, you have kids….’ He’s reminiscing with this character. I think a lot of people related to his character because it was really coming from him."
  • On Barack Obama: “It’s been so exciting to get out there and talk to kids—and I say ‘kids’ meaning my peers—about why I appreciate Barack. He’s confronting health-care issues that affect young people. You know, most of my friends don’t have insurance. They’re working as photo assistants and stuff like that. These kids on the campaign trail asking questions, they are so well-informed. They’re asking really specific policy questions. It impacts whether they decide to vote for Clinton or Obama, or decide to register as independent or support McCain. They have real concerns, and they want answers. I love that part of it. So that’s a whole other aspect of this life that’s been fun and inspiring.”
  • On Woody Allen: "I don’t know why relationships between men and women are always pigeon-holed into being some kind of push-and-pull for sexual power. I’m always kind of weirded out when I’m interviewed by people who say, ‘Gosh! Woody must be in love with you.’ It’s like, ‘f*cking expand your mind.’ We have a great friendship between us and I have such a fondness for him as a person. I can appreciate his quirks.”

To read what she has to say about her other two dads just read more

  • On Tom Waits: “At first it was like, ‘What this weird music that your dad listens to?’ But Tom Waits’ music somehow oddly appeals to a kid because records like Small Change have that circusy, carnival-act vibe. The songs are very cinematic. I think as a kid I was attracted to that in the same way I loved “Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite!”—one of my favorite Beatles songs. It really lets a kid’s imagination take flight.”
  • On Bob Dylan: “I’ve been fortunate enough to never be the biggest media sensation,” she says. “I’ll do anything to avoid it... If you have somebody waiting outside your house for 32 hours, it doesn’t matter how many days you’ve clocked in on the movie-star meter. You’re still a person living your life. I can understand how that must have been for Dylan, who’s such an icon. I’ve been fortunate enough to mostly come out unscathed.”

Kinda gotta wonder what her real dad thinks of all this. Sounds like Scarlett has her heroes covered, but we're more interested in whether or not her father figures are feeling a bit overprotective now that she's the future Mrs. Reynolds.




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