Scarlett fits the part perfectly, looking gorgeous and dangerously seductive on the cover of Elle's November Hollywood Issue. With her album on the way, a role in the all star collaboration He's Just Not That Into You as well as another Woody Allen movie in the works, Scarlett is all over Hollywood these days. Even with all her different projects, it seems that everyone just wants to talk to Scarlett about Mr. Allen and their unconventional Muse/Writer relationship. Here are highlights from the interview:

  • On being Woody Allen’s muse: “We’ve joked about that word. Woody says, ‘You appear and my writer’s block is cured.’”
  • On Woody Allen: “Woody’s mannerisms and his wit are classically him. But when you know someone, your conversation has an intimacy that you couldn’t have predicted from seeing him on the screen. Woody surprises me all the time. On film, you see his neurotic side but not his sensitivity.”
  • On being fondled by Isaac Mizrahi at the 2006 Golden Globes: “I was so mortified. Holy moly, that was bizarre!”

While that incident would have many women a lot more annoyed, it sounds like Scarlett's still got a good sense of humor about the totally unwelcome groping. Then again, it sounds like Scarlett's pretty used to fairly bizarre men and their behavior.