Though he lost his Malibu trailer home over the weekend, it didn't seem to be any skin off Sean Penn's back as he premiered Into the Wild at the Rome Film Festival last night. Penn, the film's director, and his star Emile Hirsch went casual for the photocall and dressed like twins for the red carpet premiere. Seems kinda like a father/son relationship with these two, right? After excusing his somewhat haggard appearance by saying that he had "too many rums and red wine" the night before, Sean talked a bit about his love of directing. He said:

"That's something that has changed over the years," he said. "I've increasingly fallen in love with this job of directing movies. The way that those things are chosen are very similar to how you choose a partner in life. You see her, you fall in love with her, you're stuck."

Stuck, eh? Sounds romantic. It sounds like Sean has caught the directing bug like so many of his contemporaries, and seeing him side by side with Emile, I wouldn't be surprised if his pint-sized protege wants to follow in his footsteps. Thankfully Sean's got at least one in front of the camera project coming up, so we won't be losing the actor side of him just yet.

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