Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson Jog With Owen Wilson

Scarlett and Sean Take a Jog With Pal Owen Wilson!

Scarlett and Sean Take a Jog With Pal Owen Wilson!

Sean Penn and a Vibram FiveFingers shoe-wearing Scarlett Johansson took their love out on the road for a jog in LA yesterday. It wasn't a couples-only sweat session, though, as their mutual friend Owen Wilson went along for the run. Sean had plenty of company for his latest outdoor excursion, but last week he was solo for a shirtless adventure. Scarlett, meanwhile, flaunted her latest exercise regimen after helping Jimmy Kimmel launch Humpilates. Scarlett and Sean appear to be going strong, since they started seeing each other back in February. Many of you were happy to hear about their Spring romance despite any stigma about their age gap — Scarlett turned 26 last November while Sean is 50. Owen's found success in the relationship department, too, since his lady friend Jade Duell welcomed their son, Robert, back in January. Scarlett and Sean seem to share an interest in fitness, but he's also apparently inspiring her activism. She recently recorded a PSA for Planned Parenthood, urging women to sign a petition against a new House bill that threatens to strip the nonprofit of federal funding.

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