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Seeking Clarity and Peace of Mind

My life is falling apart. I've been suffering from depression, severe insecurity, self-esteem issues, and anxiety for years and years. My long term relationship was suffering, and I don't know if there is anything left of it to salvage. I've moved out and back home. While I am finally seeking professional help, I'm having to wait a month between appointments and am still waiting for a psych assessment. Can anyone relate? I'm currently seeking books and other resources that could be of help to me in between appointments. Self-help books on depression, anxiety, and relationships... any activities or other resources I could access that might keep me sane right now.

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henna-red henna-red 3 years
Hi seeking....first, I want to say good job that you've started getting professional help. I understand how frustrating that inbetween appt time is. I am also having health issues, and have about the same mount of time between apts. It's tough. I'd like to say to you that clarity and peace of mind are not things you find, they are things you do, things you create for yourself within your life. They are action verbs, not some metaphysical destination, and you absolutely don't have to wait for your professional's help to start setting up some behaviors, activities and schedules for working on your issues. First, I suggest some kind of physical workout, and I suggest you do this at a class or gym, where there is a weekly schedule. It's much easier to get yourself to a class than it is to discipline yourself to do a workout at home, and with depression, the natural endorphins that come with a workout are very helpful. I'd also like to suggest that you ask a friend to join you. Then, if you want to miss a class, it's harder because you would disappointing another person, and not just yourself. The buddy system can be great for emotional suppport. In that same vein, I would suggest looking around for a discussion group, or book club, something social that will also give you some active, regular interaction with a positive focus. Relationships are difficult enough, but when you add in psychological health and emotional issues, you're looking at serious challenges for both partners. A lot of people have a great deal of trouble dealing with a partners health issues. I would suggest that if your partner is wanting to work on this relationship, it would be helpful for both of you to look into reading materials so that there is some understanding from both about what you are facing, and some understanding on your part about what he is facing as the partner of someone with these health issues. I'm sorry that I, personally don't have recommendations for reading....but you could always give your local library or bookstore a call and ask for some recommendations....the library might be a better choice, since they don't have a need to sell product. You could also ask your doc for some titles and resources...let him/her know that you want to be actively working on yourself, and make sure you have an agenda for that before you leave your doc's office after each sessionexpect your doc ins't going to jump the gun until they have a reliable diagnosis....they need to make sure they are treating you properly and effectively. Good luck with your journey, OP. Health can certainly be the biggest challenge of our lives, can't it? I'm sorry it's such a struggle for you right now, and I hope you have a good emotional support system of family and friends. And I hope you will be able to develop a good social support system for yourself. Remember, it's one step at a time, and you need to focus on small advances, one thing at a time, and not try to tackle everything all at once, which is just too overwhelming. take good care, blessed be

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