Selena Gomez Walks Puppy Baylor Pictures

Selena Gomez Gets Love From a New Man in Her Life, Baylor

Selena and Baylor ventured out on a walk.

Selena Gomez left her Toronto hotel yesterday with her newest traveling companion, Baylor. Selena and Justin Bieber adopted the 10-week-old husky mix from the D'Arcy's A.R.C. animal shelter in Winnipeg on Friday. Justin and Selena put their young pup to bed Saturday night then met up with friends at a Winnipeg Jets hockey game. The stars watched the action on the ice from their box seats where Selena and Justin shared kisses and waved to fans. Justin and Selena's time together was cut short when he returned to California this week to film a new music video from his upcoming album, Under the Mistletoe. Selena's tour continues through the Great White North through the end of the month, and then she's off to Europe where she's hosting MTV's EMA Awards in Belfast on Nov. 6.