Selma Blair looks like a tiny pixie with her short spikey do in the pages of the September issue of Dazed and Confused magazine. While we love her look here and in her sexy Gap ad, sometimes we wish we saw more Selma on the big screen. In the article, Selma comes clean about taking more obscure parts and why she admires Angelina. Here are highlights:

On being an actress: “There was a time when I would brush things off and I was so self-deprecating, like, “Oh, it’s such a tiny role no one will pay attention. But now, I’m just grateful to have them and I hope I get more because I’m a character actress. You know… I don’t bleach my teeth, I chain-smoke, I’m flat-chested, I don’t mind being nude, I’m not precious, I’m pale as a ghost, I have crow’s feet, and I believe I can play anybody. So to get to start to do that has been incredible.”

On Angelina: “I was watching Angelina Jolie the other night on TV. Ann Curry was interviewing her. And Jolie has turned out to be such a poised woman. She has really lived so many lifetimes in front of the press. It’s really something. she’s obviously so accomplished. I can’t even bear to watch because she is just too perfect. I hope I can have that kind of poise at some point.”

We love that Selma is so happy and confident with herself these days and recognizes that her quirks make her unique. Like Kate Winslet, it's so refreshing when the stars reveal how down to earth they can be.

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