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You Guys, Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen Are Married!

Feb 18 2014 - 12:51pm
Source: The CW [1]

Surprise! Leighton Meester and Adam Brody got married [2] in a secret ceremony, and not only are we happy for them, but also, we're so excited for nostalgia purposes — it's Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen! Thanks to their breakout roles on Gossip Girl and The O.C., Leighton and Adam have cemented themselves as a match made in teen-drama heaven. Sure, they aren't really their characters, but it's fun to look back at how their onscreen roles may have paved the way for this union. To celebrate the couple's big news, let's examine why Blair and Seth are perfect for each other, on screen and off.

Blair became well known for her dramatics.

Source: The CW [3]

But Seth was dramatic in his own way, too.

Source: Fox [4]

Just look at her epic eye roll.

Source: The CW [5]

And then there's Seth's epic eye rub.

Source: Fox [6]

Blair had her weirdly adorable bratty moments.

Source: The CW [7]

And so did Seth.

Source: Fox [8]

For more reasons we love Adam and Leighton, read on!

She could let loose though.

Source: The CW [9]

And Seth had some pretty great moves.

Source: Fox [10]

Blair nailed the shyly sweet face.

Source: The CW [11]

Don't even get us started on Seth's.

Source: Fox [12]

She knew when to be thoughtful.

Source: The CW [13]

And Seth could be so, so precious.

Source: Fox [14]

Blair owned her queen-bee role.

Source: The CW [15]

Like Seth embraced the whole "nerd" thing.

Source: Fox [16]

When she struggled with love, she turned to her hot blond friend.

Source: The CW [17]

Seth did the same.

Source: Fox [18]

Because Blair had that inevitable sort of love with Chuck.

Source: The CW [19]

Exactly like Seth and Summer.

Source: Fox [20]

She was just looking for her happily ever after, but it was hard.

Source: The CW [21]

Isn't it always?

Source: Fox [22]

There was so much back and forth, and Chuck wanted to be friends.

Source: The CW [23]

But "just friends" doesn't usually work for exes.

Source: Fox [24]

So she finally embraced true love.

Source: The CW [25]

And Seth found happiness at last!

Source: Fox [26]

Blair eventually married Chuck.

Source: The CW [27]

And Seth said "I do" to Summer.

Source: Fox [28]

BUT WAIT. This is all fake right?

Source: The CW [29]

Yes, but these perfect people are now engaged IN REAL LIFE.

Source: Fox [30]

So we can all rejoice, because this match made in TV heaven is a real thing.

Source: The CW [31]

Cheers to Leighton and Adam!

Source: Fox [32]

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