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Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker Out with Son James Wilkie in NYC

James Wilkie Scoots in the City While SATC Hits Screens!

Sarah Jessica Parker took a break from promoting her Sex and the City movie to enjoy some downtime with her son James Wilkie yesterday as he motored around NYC on his little scooter. We were lucky to have a fab advance screening and party, and now it's finally the day for everyone to head to theaters and catch up with Carrie and the gals. It's not all about the friends though — there's also the fashion! All the ladies have said their piece about the film's spectacular clothing and SJP opened up about how Carrie's wardrobe has changed in the past four years as well as the importance of Patricia Field:

"It changed just the way we all change as we get older. . . you get older and you just feel differently about it, I do. I see the connective tissue between then and now. It is more mature. It still demonstrates a love affair for fashion. . . I started begging Pat to come back in May, and then in June and then July, because she was booked on all of these other shows. But that didn’t stop me; we started talking about wedding dresses in June because we knew how complicated that would be. . . we call her the wizard because you end up trying anything on for her, even the most ridiculous and insane thing, and generally it is two in the morning and you are just so beaten down by then."

We all had some hopes and fears about the movie but overall, Buzz has some great things to say so check out her review here. Will you be heading to the theaters this weekend to see it for yourself?



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