Jessica continues her attack on the media and her sex symbol status in the upcoming issue of Parade magazine. She talks about the paparazzi, which she clearly hates, how golf makes her dorky and looking for stronger female roles in her films. Here's more:

  • On her night life:
    “Sometimes I like to go out, but usually after work I just go home, take a bath, watch movies. Instead of going out, I’d rather have my friends over and play games at my house—stupid games like charades or Pictionary or Monopoly. Or maybe Between the Sheets—it’s an easy way to win your money back when you’ve lost it all in poker.”
  • On working in the movie biz:
    “I’m in a business that’s completely driven by white males. The majority of the writers and directors are men...And even though I’m not, like, such a huge feminist, I do want to produce movies on my own that are female-driven and empowering to women. The woman’s voice really isn’t present in Hollywood.”
  • There is no doubt I loved this girl from Dark Angel and I do think she is gorgeous but sometimes I just wish she would embrace her profession and stop bitching about being too pretty and then posing in bathing suits and wet t-shirts. It's hypocritical and it's starting to wear on me. It is, however, better than going out every night and ending up in rehab which is why I still like her more than her peers right now.