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37 Times You Could Not Handle Matt Bomer's Handsomeness

Oct 15 2016 - 6:00am

Between his starring role on American Horror Story: Hotel [1], his inevitable appearance on AHS: Roanoke [2], and his lasting legacy in Magic Mike XXL [3], it's clear that Matt Bomer is a busy, beautiful man. His talents have clearly taken him far in Hollywood, and we have to imagine his ridiculously good looks haven't hurt him either. While we already have plenty of pictures of Matt Bomer's roles on screen [4], we thought we'd honor his 39th birthday with a look at his hotness both inside his roles and in real life.

When He Managed to Pull Off That Sexy Cowboy Look

When His Jaw Was Just So Chiseled

You might say it goes on for days here.

When His Eyes Were Seriously, Seriously Blue

They're like a piercing arrow through your heart.

When He Winked Directly at Your Soul and Your Knees Buckled



Dear LORD.

When He Was Just in a G-String and Your Heart Felt So, So Weak

BRB, having a panic attack.

When He Dressed Up as a Ken Doll (Since He's Actually a Living Ken Doll)

Don't believe us? Keep scrolling.

When He Was So Beautiful You Really Thought He Might Be a Ken Doll

Yep. Yep.

When He Looked Way Too Handsome to Be in a Boxing Ring

Just STOP.

When He Was Very Young and Still Very Hot

When He Proved He Only Gets Better With Age

Just like a fine wine.

When He Casually Walked Down the Street Looking Like a Model

When He Was Deep in Thought and You Were Convinced He Was Modeling

This Shirtless Perfection

Oh, and This Shirtless Moment

And This One, Too

This just isn't even fair.

When He Ripped Off His Pants and You Couldn't Help but Gasp

And Then When He Did This Body Roll and You Probably Fainted

Those hips absolutely do not lie.

When He Looked Sporty, Sexy, and Sophisticated All at Once

When He Looked Like This

When He Smiled and All Your Worries Melted Away

When His Glasses Didn't Even Hold Him Back From Looking Handsome

When This Look Happened

When He Wore a Blue Suit and His Eyes Were Like Shining Crystals

When You Wanted Nothing More Than to Have a Sarong-Filled Beach Day With Him

Because you knew it would feel sa-right.

When You Saw His Booty Again and Probably Fainted Again

Seriously, who looks like this?!

When He Had the Audacity to Run His Fingers Through His Perfect Hair

There was probably not a hair out of place, even after he was done.

When You Wanted Nothing More Than to Be That Woman on That Gurney

Strictly for medicinal purposes, of course.

When He Pulled Off a Fedora Hat Without Looking Ridiculous

Which is really hard to do.

When He Somehow Looked Beautiful Even While Playing Sports

Isn't there some kind of law of nature against this?

When He Had Perfect Stubble and Flawless Hair

When He Was Kind of Nerdy but Still Kind of Totally Hot

When He Looked Just as Good All Dressed Up as He Did All Stripped Down

He probably woke up like this.

When He Somehow Balanced Between Rugged and Pretty

When He Gave a Lap Dance and You Didn't Want to Be Anywhere Else in the World

When You Still Weren't Tired of His Chest

When He Was Just Simply Classic, Timeless, and Effortless


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