Sexy Rihanna Instagram Pictures

Let's Take a Moment to Remember Rihanna's Racy Instagrams

And Paddleboarding

The internet is a little less sexy this week as it was revealed that Rihanna's racy Instagram account vanished from the photo-sharing app on Monday. According to Instagram, Rihanna's account was accidentally suspended because of her frequent racy shots, which got caught by a spam filter. "This account was mistakenly caught in one of our automated systems and very briefly disabled," the company said in a statement. "We apologize for any inconvenience." However, Rihanna's account still remains inactive.

Whatever the reason for Rihanna's missing account, we're mourning the loss of another outlet for the queen of sexy selfies. Lots of stars get racy on Instagram, but Rihanna took the skin-baring snap to a whole other level. Over the years, she'd been posting bikini selfies and sharing revealing vacation pictures, and her feed just kept getting hotter. Let's take a look back at her raciest Instagrams!

Source: Instagram user badgalriri