Shailene Woodley Hugging at the Divergent Premiere

Shailene Woodley Takes Her Hugging Habit to the Red Carpet

Of Course She Would!

Shailene Woodley's love of hugging is well-documented, and at Tuesday night's Divergent premiere in LA, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to get in a few public embraces on the red carpet. She snuggled with Theo James, who has already blown the lid off of the actress's love of good squeezes. "She (first) hugged me at our test," Theo said last week. "Yeah, she's a big hugger." Shailene's other costar Ansel Elgort also talked about her physical habit, saying their first embrace was a little awkward. "I thought maybe she knew me or something or I don't know and I didn't really hug her back really," he said. "To this day she tells me that she wasn't sure she's going to like me or not because I didn't hug her back." However, he notes that he now makes sure to give her "a long truthful hug" every time he sees her. Maybe these hugs are the secret to understanding Shailene's unique way of life.

See all of Shailene's premiere squeezes below, and be sure to check out our red carpet interview — and our own embrace — with the avid hugger.