Shia LaBeouf Following Fight in Vancouver Pictures

Shia LaBeouf Show Signs of a Fresh Bruise Following His Latest Bar Brawl

Shia LaBeouf wore a blue hat and shirt.

Shia LaBeouf rode his bike in Vancouver yesterday with what seemed to be a fresh bruise on the left side of his face. Shia was involved in a bar fight last week, and new video footage of Shia's fight shows the actor taking a blow to the cheek from an attacker. It's not the first time Shia's been involved in a scuffle. In February, Shia was allegedly thrown out of an LA pub for fighting, and, in August, he reportedly had a "meltdown" following an exchange of words with Marilyn Manson at an art opening. Shia's staying out of trouble on set, however, thanks to the watchful eye of director Robert Redford. Robert and Shia are in the midst of filming The Company You Keep, which is due out in 2012.