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Shia LaBeouf For GQ June 2008

Shia's Suited Up for GQ and Indiana Jones

Shia LaBeouf has been all over NYC promoting Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and the rising star also scored the June cover of GQ. Sounds like perfect plane reading as he jets off to Cannes this week. He pulled out his serious faces to go with his big puppy dog eyes for the shoot, but in the article he's just as goofy as ever and gives a little peek at his sweet side, too. Here are highlights:

  • On the projects that he chooses: “The [Ryan] Goslings of the world are incredible to watch,” he says. “But they make character pieces. It’s not that I’m not interested in making those, it’s just that I really enjoy watching movies like the ones I’m making, where there’s a lot happening—big-ensemble, orchestral types of movies and not just a solo act.”
  • On getting a ticket for unlawful smoking: “They had just implemented a law that you couldn’t smoke anywhere in Burbank. And I didn’t hear about this law, because I was shooting. The guy gives me a ticket. Then the court date came up two days after I had gotten back from shooting, and I just forgot about it. The news went everywhere, like I was on a crime spree. And it killed me. It broke my heart, because I really try not to be that guy.”

To see what else Shia had to say about Rihanna and his parents, just read more.

  • On the rumors that he was dating Rihanna: “My friends were like, ‘Are you serious, bro? Are you f*ckin’ kidding me? Why didn’t you tell me about that?’ I was like, ‘I really don’t know her like that.’ For weeks they were singing that ‘Umbrella’ song everywhere I walked. And those are my people.”
  • On his parents: “They don’t work. I take care of them, and they get to create art for the rest of their days.”

Shia has a bit of growing up to do, but it sounds like his heart is still in the right place in the midst of all the buzz that's surrounded him for the past year or so. As for his arrests — we love that he doesn't want to be stereotyped as the bad boy, even if he does enjoy milking his stories for a few laughs.






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