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Shia Takes His Fitness (And Domination) Overseas

We said it once (maybe twice or three times) but we'll say it again: Shia LaBeouf is everywhere these days, and now he's crossed over into international waters to hang out in Paris. We're much bigger fans of candid Shia than we are awards show Shia - the tousled hair and cute little smirk is definitely a big improvement for him. His hair isn't the only thing that's changing these days either; Shia's been working non-stop on getting fit for his next role in Indiana Jones 4. Here's more:

"The guy is still in premium shape," LaBeouf tells PEOPLE. "You don't want to be standing next to Harrison Ford and not be jacked also."

To get there, the Los Angeles native, 20, is working out seven days a week for three hours a day. "I'll run for an hour and then I'll do two hours of weights," he says. "I have definitely not trained like this for anything in my life. I'm preparing like I'm going into battle."

Shia sounds like he's taking his role pretty seriously, which makes us look forward to the long anticipated sequel even more. In the meantime, we're going to go ahead and vote Shia up even higher on the list, so he can start winning more celebrity faceoffs.

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