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Hollywood's Most Famous Ladies Gather to Honor Shirley MacLaine

Hollywood's Most Famous Ladies Gather to Honor Shirley MacLaine

The stars were out in LA last night for the AFI Life Achievement Award gala honoring Shirley MacLaine. Jennifer Aniston wore a hot Burberry dress to honor Shirley, and made the rounds saying hello to a Valentino-clad Meryl Streep, Gucci-wearing Dakota Fanning, and Katherine Heigl, in Monique Lhuillier. Julia Roberts and Melanie Griffith also made the rounds. Plenty of veteran Hollywood actors paid tribute to Shirley — Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson, Sally Field, and Shirley's own brother, Warren Beatty, were on hand. Julia and Katherine both took the stage to lavish praise on Shirley. Julia Roberts said of Shirley, her Steel Magnolias costar, "She has it all, she can do it all . . . How can I put this? She's got balls."

Katherine had more kind words for Shirley. She said, "You taught me this exceptional lesson: to hold my freakin' own." On the red carpet though, Katherine talked about her family, husband Josh Kelley, 3-year-old Naleigh, and newly adopted infant Adalaide. She said, "I definitely want more kids! I think we decided on three, but I'm pushing for four."

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