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End of the Road For the Bikini and Shirtless Brackets

Sep 7 2009 - 6:00am

As the Summer [1] starts to wind down, it's time to take a look back at the sexy men and women who dominated our shirtless [2] and bikini [3] brackets this Summer. Bar Refaeli [4] was the winner for the girls, and Robert Pattinson [5] just could not be stopped in the guys' side of things. Check out who else made the final fours in both the brackets as well as our PopSugar picks for who we think deserved to go to the very end.

Bikini Bracket Pop's Pick: Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller earned our vote for two reasons after her recent bikini-filled vacation in Ibiza [6]. First, she looked fantastic in her tiny white two piece as she soaked in the sun between fashionable moments promoting GI Joe [7] and on the streets [8]. Secondly, she looks sweet with her new, cute boyfriend and as of now the relationship is scandal free. Phew.

Shirtless Bracket Pop's Pick: David Beckham

We were surprised when David Beckham didn't make it to the shirtless bracket final four, but the soccer star did have the fifth most votes overall. Ultimately sexy Becks was knocked out by Hugh Jackman.

Bikini Bracket 4th Place: Cindy Crawford

Once a supermodel, always a supermodel! Cindy Crawford may be 43, but she looked absolutely outstanding in her string bikinis, which earned her the fourth place spot in our bikini bracket.

Shirtless Bracket 4th Place: Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry is one lucky mama — not only does she have a beautiful daughter, but this is the man she gets to come home to. Hot Gabriel Aubrey easily earned his way into our shirtless final four.

Bikini Bracket 3rd Place: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston's phenomenal bikini body has invoked envy for years. Her yoga, running and — who could forget — personal chefs help keep her looking so fantastic. The best part is, she often accessorizes with that famous smile.

Shirtless Bracket 3rd Place: Hugh Jackman

The Sexiest Man Alive earned his title during the August shirtless bracket. His Australian abs had won over the voters getting him into the final four, but he was ultimately defeated by Twilight [9]'s Kellan Lutz.

Bikini Bracket 2nd Place: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's bikini body has gotten her tons of attention through the years [10], but it's even more amazing since she's still a new mom. Jessica is busy with adorable Honor and her husband Cash, which makes it even more impressive that she held her own against supermodel Bar in the finals.

Shirtless Bracket 2nd Place: Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz isn't just a star in the Twilight [11] series — he's also played personal trainer for costars like Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson. He's happy to spread the love with his workouts and they're also doing amazing things for his cut body, which earned him second place right behind Rob.

Bikini Bracket Winner: Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli's body just cannot be beat. Not only was she named your favorite bikini body of 2008, but once again she was the champion. Her domination shows no signs of slowing down either thanks to the sneak peek at her shoot from next year's SI Swimsuit Issue [12].

Shirtless Bracket Winner: Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson's abs caused some controversy, but whether or not he got help looking so perfect baring his chest, there's no stopping him. Edward Cullen caused a fan frenzy when he was snapped filming shirtless scenes [13] from New Moon [14] in Italy so it's no surprise he easily landed the top spot in this year's shirtless bracket!

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