Shirtless Johnny Depp Filming Lone Ranger With Armie

Shirtless Johnny Depp Films Lone Ranger With Armie Hammer

Shirtless Johnny Depp filmed with Armie Hammer.

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer got physical for a scene on the LA set of Lone Ranger yesterday. Johnny was shirtless and in full face paint for his Tonto character, while Armie was suited up for the cameras. The costars got started on the Disney project back in February, though production was temporarily halted due to budget issues. During his recent break from work, Johnny hung out with musical friends, landed a guest role on Family Guy, and made a trip to Canada for TIFF. Johnny was there in support of West of Memphis, and chatted with press about the real-life drama of the three men who were wrongly convicted of homicide and finally let out of prison last year.