Shirtless Male Celebrities Quiz

Can You Spot the Abs of Your Favorite Shirtless Celebrities?

The 2011 PopSugar shirtless bracket kicked off this week, and while Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson are off to a strong start, it's time to test how well you know the pectoral situations of these gym-loving celebrity men. How many six-packs can you match to their sexy faces? Your votes can change the game at any moment, so vote now and don't forget, just by playing you're eligible to win $1,000 from J.Crew — good luck!

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Who took a dip in a pair of black and blue floral trunks?
Peter Facinelli
Jake Gyllenhaal
Chris Hemsworth
Bradley Cooper
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Who cooled off in the pool?
Matt Damon
Brad Pitt
Tom Cruise
Kevin Bacon
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Which celebrity flexed his muscles jumping into a wave?
Hugh Jackman
Simon Baker
Rob Lowe
Jeremy Renner
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Who let his abs peek out from under a plaid shirt?
Chord Overstreet
Zac Efron
Channing Tatum
Tom Hardy
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Who hit the open road on a shirtless run?
Ryan Reynolds
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Andy Roddick
Matthew McConaughey
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Who wore dark trunks?
Ryan Phillippe
Jason Statham
Owen Wilson
Leonardo DiCaprio
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Who showcased his tattoos?
John Mayer
Adam Levine
Joel Madden
Carson Daly
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Who applied sunscreen to his abs?
Rande Gerber
Javier Bardem
Liev Schreiber
Jeremy Piven
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Guess who got wet?
Eddie Cibrian
Jude Law
Josh Hartnett
Gavin Rossdale
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Who splashed around in the waves?
Adrian Grenier
Mark Wahlberg
Ed Westwick
Penn Badgley
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Who gave a thumbs-up sign in the surf?
Kevin McHale
Andrew Garfield
Justin Bieber
Jesse Eisenberg
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Who put on a green and white jersey?
Gerard Butler
Tom Brady
Christian Bale
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Who has a tattoo sleeve?
Justin Theroux
Paul Walker
David Beckham
Nick Carter
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Who worked out on rings?
Liam Hemsworth
Ashton Kutcher
Kellan Lutz
Daniel Craig
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Who flashed the goods during an LA event?
Will Smith
Isaiah Mustafa
Lamar Odom
Terrence Howard
Celebrity Quiz Game For August 12, 2011
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