Shirtless Photos of Tom Brady With Gisele Bundchen, John Moynahan, Photos of Tom Brady Working Out with Matt Leinart

Shirtless Tom Brady Looks Ready For Field and Family Time With Gisele and John

Tom Brady showed off his famous body (yum) hanging out on the balcony with Gisele and his son John in LA yesterday afternoon. The shirtless quarterback looks like he's ready to hit the field again in a few short months. Considering his bare ring finger, doesn't seem like he has to worry about any new jewelry getting in the way of his spiral. His stand-in on the Patriots last season, Matt Cassel, was traded over the weekend to the KC Chiefs, but that's not the backup QB on Tom's mind — instead he was spotted leaving the gym after a workout with Matt Leinart. Gisele, meanwhile, was on her own running errands. While football fans across the country (go Pats!) wait to see what Tom looks like when he gets back on the field, for the moment we're just going to relish what he looks like right now, shirtless, hot.

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