Sienna and Balthazar Are Together But Not Tear-Free

Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty didn't look too pleased on their way back to the car after dinner at Il Sole last night. Apparently the duo got in a fight over dinner, which ended with Sienna leaving in tears. Despite the two denying all rumors there was ever a split, there's always something with these two. This week, Balthazar talked about feeling bad that Sienna has gotten all the blame for how they got together. He told TV Guide, "I think Sienna might have been [treated unfairly] . . . It takes two to tango, man. You can’t just point your finger at one person. Historically, women always get the short end of the stick. . . . they’re [Rosetta and Sienna] both very special people in my life." While I agree that she got a disproportionate amount of the blame, these two still seem like a rocky pair, but who knows? Maybe they thrive on drama.