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Sienna and Diddy: Odd Couple or Odd BFF? You Decide

Uhh, whaaaa? Last week at Sundance, Sienna Miller was looking mighty tight with Diddy (or is he Puff these days? Was there a formal announcement?), but I pretty much dismissed the concept of the two as a couple because a) it's cold in Utah and people need to stay close for body heat reasons and b) though it wouldn't be the first time for getting involved with a new father for Sienna, didn't Diddy's fiancee just have two babies like a few weeks ago? But lo and behold, here the two are entering Sienna's hotel in NYC early Sunday Morning. Wow.

If these pictures don't convince you that something shady is going on here, there's some video that might change your mind. Both of their publicists have since denied that anything romantic is going on between their clients, even though Diddy tried to demand that the paparazzi erase all photos and film of the two together. Still sounds pretty fishy to me.

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