Sienna and Jamie Strum It Out, Beach

Sienna Miller has finally moved on from the Jude Law Saga period of her life (hopefully forever) and is onto a new man, Jamie Burke. The name might be familiar as he briefly dated Kate Moss, Courtney Love and Lindsay Lohan (random trio, much?) before this new 'ship with Sienna. This new coupling is pretty cute, too. I mean, can you get more cheesy than playing guitar to your new girl on the beach? And then teaching her to play as well? It's certainly a softer side of Sienna than our usual pretty pouty party girl, but good for her. I'm sure she could use some gold old fashioned romance. Even if her suitor might be in need of a haircut. And they probably share the scrunchie.

To find out where to get Sienna's adorable suit check it out here.

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