Sienna Miller may be rocking the red wayfarers in Diddy's hometown of NYC, but she is there to promote her new films Interview and Stardust, not to have a romantic rendezvous with the hip hop mogul. Last week rumor had it that Sienna had come between Diddy and his longtime girlfriend Kim Porter, though you all were skeptical. Now, Sienna had this to say about the mess, "I am in love with someone, but not Puff Daddy. He's just a good friend. Anyway, he has a beautiful girlfriend." Not so sure about that last part -- Diddy and Kim are over (for now, don't they break up all the time?) -- but as for who she's in love with? Rumor has it she's been looking pretty cozy with her co-star Matthew Rhys these days...Plus, Diddy hasn't gone by Puff Daddy in years, any girlfriend would know this.

Source & Splash News Online