Sienna Miller Engagement Ring Pictures

Sienna Miller Debuts Her Reported Engagement Ring

Pregnant Sienna Miller showed a new diamond ring.

Sienna Miller's engagement ring was on display last night as she left the Groucho Club in London. She's apparently engaged to her boyfriend of one year, British actor Tom Sturridge. It's Sienna's second engagement, after she accepted Jude Law's proposal back in 2005. That relationship famously didn't work out, and Sienna and Jude parted ways for the last time in 2011, shortly before she got together with Tom.

Sienna Miller is pregnant, as well, and she and Tom will welcome their first child later this year. Reports of her being with child came out in January, and just two weeks ago, her older sister Savannah confirmed the stories. Savannah told British Vogue, "[Sienna] is doing really well and we are all really happy about it, Tom is an amazing guy." Sienna and Savannah also recently made news for stepping down from their Twenty8Twelve line. The move was long-planned and not due to Sienna's impending motherhood. Savannah, who's a mother of three herself, wrote on Twitter, "Just for the record, we didn't step down at Twenty8Twelve because of our babies."