Sienna Miller Interview at Just Like a Woman Premiere

Sienna Miller Nearly Forgot About Father's Day For Tom: "I'll Have to Do Something Magical"

Sienna Miller wore a Burberry dress and IRO pumps to the event.

Sienna Miller premiered her new film, Just Like a Woman, in NYC last night, and we were on hand to chat with the stylish star. The film, which hits theaters in the US on July 5, centers on two women who leave their bad marriages to go on a road trip together. Decked out in a Burberry dress and IRO shoes, Sienna chatted with us about the European road trip she took back in her "rave days" and how difficult it was to learn belly dancing for the project. She also chatted about her Father's Day plans for fiancé Tom Sturridge, which she almost nearly forgot about! Keep reading for more from Sienna.

  • On learning how to belly dance for the film: "It was complicated. I was doing a play in London in the West End, so I was doing eight shows a week, obviously two days were matinee days, but all but one of my matinee days I was doing four hours of belly dancing and that was challenging for someone who isn't particularly coordinated like myself. But one of the coolest things about making films is you get these kinds of opportunities to learn a random skill, so now I can add belly dancing to my odd résumé."
  • On road trips she's taken: "I drove from Hungary to London after going to a solar eclipse festival in 1999, back in the rave days. But I feel like if you're not in America it's not a road trip. I feel like America is the home of the road trip."
  • On what she's doing for Father's Day: [Gasps] "When's Father's Day? Not this Sunday? [Phew] It's different in London, so I didn't know about that. I will have to do something magical. I'll probably make a mug with my baby's handprint on it for my husband-to-be."

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