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Sienna Miller NOT Making Sienna Miller Scrapbook

Well, we certainly haven't had a lack of Sienna Miller around these parts over the past few weeks, have we? It seems like everywhere I turn there are new Sienna Miller pictures. Heck, she even had the chance to impart one of her signature Sienna smack-downs on a NYC paparazzi last week. Ah, good times. It turns out that we may not be not the only ones who are getting a leeeeetle bit sick of her 24/7 Factory Girl Promotional Bonanza. Here's More:

Miller insists being in the spotlight is "all part of the job". She says, "Look, I'm doing all this PR for a movie that's coming out. It's a big publicity push. I have to do it. It's part of my job. But I don't read all the stuff. I don't keep it, I don't cut it out or save it or look at it or stick it in scrapbooks. "If I were the type who'd be reading all about myself, I'd be quite sick of myself."

Aww, don't be to hard on yourself, girl. We just can't wait to get back to missing you and wondering what you're up to every day. Sure, that's all.

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