Sienna is REALLY Enjoying Herself at Sundance

Sienna is definitely living up to her party girl reputation at Sundance. Jude evidently dumped her because he was tired of her partying so this time she's doing it right by hanging out with guys who share her favorite past time. She was seen last week getting cozy with Josh Hartnett and they continued wherever they left off during celeb karaoke in the Heineken room in Park City. Still, that didn't stop Josh from "flirting with all the ladies" at the fest.

But don't feel bad for Sienna. She partnered up with Diddy at the Golden Globes, and the two have been seen in each others company quite a few times since. You know he'll never lecture her on partying too much even if he is a dad to a new set of twins. Where are those kids anyway? For more pics just read more


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