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Hot Aussie Simon Baker Deserves a Special Place in Your Heart

Jul 30 2015 - 3:30am

Simon Baker may look familiar to you from his roles as handsome writer Christian Thompson in The Devil Wears Prada, handsome architect Brian Kelly in Something New, and handsome psychic Patrick Jane on The Mentalist, but beyond that, he's just really, really handsome. In honor of his handsomeness, we've rounded up the sexiest photos and GIFs of Simon for you to scroll though now.

Simon Baker is basically your perfect man. Here he is looking devastatingly hot with his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Here he is talking to you on the phone. He loves the sound of your voice.

Here he is taking your photo after telling you how gorgeous you look today.

Here he is holding an umbrella OVER HIS OWN HEAD. How does he do that?

Here he is shirtless.

No shirt in sight.

Did we mention that he surfs?

He does. He surfs.

He also plays soccer. Did we forget to say he plays soccer?

Those eyes, right?

You guys, even Kristen Stewart couldn't deny his charm.

This is what we imagine he'd look like across the dinner table from you at a really fancy restaurant.

And this is what we imagine he'd look like waking up next to you in a very fancy bed.

Not many people can get away with these 1940s college-professor glasses, but Simon sure does.

Are you kidding us? Too hot to handle.

Not many people could pull off a top hat, either — but that's Simon for ya!

Are you ready for some sexy Simon Baker smirk GIFs?

We thought you might be.

Are you swooning yet?

You can't not be getting a little hot.

Simon Baker running his hand through his hair is not something we were mentally prepared for, but here it is.

Have you ever wished you were an ice cream cone?

How about an envelope?

Let's end on a high note: here's a hilarious video of Simon doing his best Mick Jagger impression with Jimmy Fallon.

Yes — sadly, it is done. Never change, Simon.

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