Simon Gets Us Psyched For the Return of AI

Simon Cowell knows how to vacation well. In between X-Factor and preparing for the new season of American Idol, Simon headed to the Caribbean with his girlfriend. He even showed off his smoking (boo) while driving a jet ski talent. The good news is that Simon's vacation won't last too long since new episodes of AI comes back next Tuesday! Buzz even got to sit in on a chat with Simon where he talked about how the show will get better and what's in store for this season. He also weighed in on Britney's situation (doesn't everyone?), saying

"It's never too late. I think she's the most searched artist on the Internet in the world at the moment, so she's got a good start. If I sat down with Britney I would No. 1 remind her of all the good things in her life -- which are her kids, her money, her success, everything. I'd take her out of where she's living at the moment and ask her to go live with her family and live normally for six months . . . It looks to me at the moment that she's out of control, and she's got to have someone in her life that she can listen to. She's welcome to call me any time."

Somehow we doubt that Britney will be running to the phone, but it would be pretty awesome to see how she handles Simon's tough love tactics.