The Simpsons tried out their best pouts on Saturday night for Brett Ratner's Visions of Hollywood party in LA. Don't Jessica and Ashlee look like the popular girls in high school ooor maybe the wasted girls (on Ash's part at least). Kinda hilarious to see them with Cheri Oteri, right? She costars with Jessica in Major Movie Star so I guess the ladies became friends. Ashlee's man Pete was spinning for the soirée while his lady helped herself to the libations. Both of the Simpson girls are looking great these days, especially Jess who just signed that $3 million deal to keep pimping Proactiv. Her sister is on the bandwagon, too, or she's vying for her own deal as she parlayed her Botox denial into a glowing recommendation for the product. What can I say, the ladies know how to shill.

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Images include Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Emmy Rossum, Bai Ling, Brett Ratner, Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane, Cheri Oteri, Freddy Geiger, Pete Wentz, Nicky Hilton