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Skin Woes

Ever since i hit puberty I've had to deal with acne. I am now 23 and it still seems i always have at least one blemish festering on my face at all times. Ever since i went thru the Accutane treatment my face has considerably cleared up (6-7 yrs ago) but I still get blemishes and pimples, especially around period time.
My question is for anyone out there who has used Proactiv. Does the product work? Everyone who gives a testimony on those commercials sings praises of the product... duh! they probably get paid to do so. I'd love to know if this product is worth it and what kind of results it has brought to "regular" people ;)
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tifygodess24 tifygodess24 9 years
My best friend actually got a bacterial infection from Proactive and that scaried the crap out of me . Her face looked horrible and she was on antibotic for a few weeks! Her doctor said that the Proactive did it and he had treated a few others for it. I really wanted to try it but that made me change my mind fast! I get acne as well on my face and im 26 its super annoying but I notice I break out for different reasons, if im eating really healthy it helps and I have no acne but the minute I go back to eating poorly the pimples have a party on my face! And of course the pre-period pimples are always out and about. There is a product I use on and off and it seems to work for me ( i have really sensitive skin, even changing moisturizers gives me a rash ) Its called acne-gone I just use one of the products. You can buy it at walmart or walgreens ( it is compared to proactive on the box but it has different ingredients though ) My dermotologist says also if you use to many products it can cause acne as well because even dry skin can break out. Since everyone is different trying a few things may help , but then theres always your Doctor or local pharmicist who may give you some good tips as well as non-prescribed ones.
Elevenhounds Elevenhounds 9 years
I use Proactive and it works for me but then again I have only been using it for about three months. It does bleach your clothes so I have an ugly t-shirt that I wear after applying the stuff but any benzoil(sp?) peroxide product will do that. I don't know about bleaching skin because mine is super pale anyway. :)
sugar_gal sugar_gal 9 years
proactives ok..but i would not recommend bleachs ur skin,and my doctor said it peels off skin too..try cetaphil...worked wonders for me.
robinm robinm 9 years
Proactiv was very bad on my skin - red and itchy and flaky after about a month of use. I found about 14 months ago and am thrilled. The "regimen" is inexpensive and easy to follow. I've had acne for 17 years (I'm 29 now) and this is the best my skin has ever looked - even with Accutane and all the other meds the dermatologist used to prescribe for me. I could never express how much it has helped my skin (and my self-confidence).
cgmaetc cgmaetc 9 years
I'm 31 and just getting my skin under control in the past 4 years. Proactive worked for me for about 6 months, then stopped working. I've tried every product under the sun. I've discovered, with the help of a dermatologist, that in addition to being acne prone, large pores and combo skin (oily nose and cheeks but super dry skin and forehead), I have food allergies that aggravate the problem. I'm also allergic to my dog, whom I LOVE and refuse to get rid of. You aren't going to believe this, but the only product what worked for me and that my dermatologist approved for me were Mary Kay products. I found a rep in my area via their website. they have a large line and can customize anything for your skin care needs. I never in a million years thought that something so obscure could actually work. I've had to experiment and switch things around in my regimen but my consultant was there to help me. I've had clear skin for the past 4 years. if you want her number (i think she ships for free) email me privately. don't forget, that you may have to use a product for a few weeks (at least 8 weeks) before you see dramatic results. it takes time for you skin to work out the problems, because blemishes actually begin under the skin a few weeks before they appear. good luck in your search. -the ceeg
martini-queenie martini-queenie 9 years
I've heard it works for some people, but I used it out of habit for two years and basically I had the same amount of breakouts with extremely dry skin. It was awful. Just before I quit using it, my skin was dryer than it had ever been and also more broken out. Then I let my aesthetician talk me into this "all natural" skin care line which restored the moisture but made med break out worse than I ever have in my entire life. I just switched three weeks ago to the regimen at and so far I'm really impressed... plus its all stuff that you can buy at a grocery store. It sounds like you and I have the same skin type so that's what I'd recommend!
ChiTownEm ChiTownEm 9 years
I think Proactiv is a 50/50 shot as well. It worked really well for me for a awhile and then just stopped working overnight. It is also really drying. I finally went to the dermatologist that put me on Duac and Retin A micro and I must say it did the trick...I would say that Proactiv is best if you have mild skin problems...and I totally agree with soccrspz, they will just randomly send you kits and charge your credit card, so beware...
EcannDallas EcannDallas 9 years
as someone who has literally tried EVERYTHING sans accutane to get rid of my acne (im 22 and have had it for about 10 years) i have a lot of experience with different treatments ZENO and it works well if you catch your blemish when its very very small and you first begin to notice, otherwise it has no effect. PROACTIV as far as face washes goes, this one works the best for me because i also have sensitive skin and its not as harsh as some others, and it keeps the blemishes at bay. BLUELIGHT TREATMENTS another route i have gone are the light treatments at my dermatologist. you go in twice a week for 4 weeks and sit under a blue light for one day and red light for the other. it supposedly kills the bacteria. it made my face much worse in the beginning i assume because its getting all the stuff out, but it was relatively clear for a few weeks but went right back to the way it was. it was also pretty pricey. not worth it for me at least. hope this helps someone. fyi i still struggle with it everyday so nothing has been a miracle worker.
Lindsb Lindsb 9 years
I use proactiv.. I have never had awful skin, but I have large pores and used to break out pretty badly during my time of the month. I usually only get one blemish or so a month now - and I don't use the product as frequently as I should. I usually skip on the weekends to give my skin a break. It works - but it's not the most "amazing" product.
workin9to5 workin9to5 9 years
Here's something you may want to try. More pricey, but it could be well worth it. I just ordered one on, so I'll let you know how it works out for me.
Kbrooks1122704 Kbrooks1122704 9 years
I used Proactive in college, and while it does have great results it bleaches your skin. That's how it gets rid of the redness. So be aware that if you tan or use tanning creams this will counteract those results. It will also bleach your clothes, pillow cases and towels that come in frequent contact with your face or any other area you use proactive. I stopped using it because despite its claim you skin will get used to it and it wont be as effective over time. Also you have to beware of their hook, they will send you new kits and charge you the full price if you don't keep tabs on them. A month ago my roommate introduced me to DDF products. Their foaming face cleanser, benziol peroxide gel and sulfur mask have worked wonders! Within 2 days my skin was clear and it has stayed that way ever since. The glycolic toner is awesome as well! they sell it at Sephora but you can go to and see other's reviews of their products, nothing but raves there and on my end! Good luck :)
Moni-B Moni-B 9 years
I've never tried it, but I've read some consumer reviews on it and its a 50/50 shot: it either works or it doesn't. If you go to mouthshut(.)com search for Proactive there and then read the reviews. But you'll never know until you try. ~M~

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