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Must-See Moments From the Sochi Closing Ceremony

Feb 24 2014 - 9:27am

On Sunday, the 2014 Olympics [1] come to a close in Sochi, Russia, where music, dance performances, and fireworks paid tribute to this year's athletes one last time. As promised by the closing ceremony's creative director, Konstantin Ernst, the event had an art-house feel, with more low-key performances than those found in this year's opening ceremony [2]. Performances celebrating Russian ballet and literature paid tribute to the country's rich history, and a sense of humor even came into play when dancers reenacted the snowflake malfunction [3] from the opening ceremony. The Sochi bear [4] also made another appearance alongside the other Olympic mascots for a bright, fireworks-filled finale. Take a look at all the best pictures from the Sochi closing ceremony.

Singers performed the Russian national anthem ahead of the closing ceremony.

Flag bearers made a special entrance.

Hanging blue lights left the Sochi stadium looking like a Winter wonderland.

Blue lights set the stadium aglow as dancers performed.

Dancers in sparkly silver outfits took the spotlight.

The dancers formed the shape of four Olympic rings and one stubborn snowflake — a nod to the snowflake malfunction in the opening ceremony.

A boat floated its way through the stadium.

Fireworks lit up the air over the Olympic rings.

The dancers formed all five Olympic rings after giving a little nod to the snowflake malfunction.

Dancers carried white, dovelike birds during their performance.

A dancer held up the white bird as she performed.

An angelic woman was suspended beside the Olympic rings.

The flag-bearer escorts wore the same white costumes they wore during the opening ceremony.

The Russian flag was carried into the arena by Russian athletes.

The Russian flag waved beside the Olympic flag.

Children in red, white, and blue watched from the stands.

Fireworks could be seen filling the sky outside the Sochi stadium.

The performers paid tribute to Russian literature with giant portraits of authors.

Stacks of books sat beneath each portrait, with book pages fluttering in the air like confetti.

Kids looked on as pages fell over the piles of books.

The closing ceremony highlighted Russian dance with a ballet performance.

Russian pianist Denis Matsuev performed, surrounded by dancers and pianos.

Dancers pulled pianos into the center of the stadium for Russian pianist Denis Matsuev's performance.

Artists grouped together for a performance during the closing ceremony.

Glowing clouds and a bright yellow sun were suspended in the air.

Artists floated beneath the clouds.

A performer could be seen dancing in midair beside the glowing sun.

Fireworks sparked during the closing ceremony.

A giant red-and-white tent was brought in for a circus performance.

Performers took the spotlight for a circus-themed moment.

A circus bus made its way through the stadium.

Circus performers danced in hoops.

Two giant stages popped up in the middle of the arena, a chandelier hanging between them.

During the Pyeongchang portion, dancers wore lit-up wings.

The winged artists danced beside glowing trees.

South Korean kids sang during the Pyeongchang performance.

Dancers held on to snowmen with the Pyeongchang Olympic logo.

Performers held up lights, as the mascots came in.

The Sochi mascots made their way to the center of the arena.

The Sochi bear gave a wave toward the end of the closing ceremony.

Russian singer Anna Netrebko performed from inside a glowing gondola.

The Sochi bear stood beside the Olympic cauldron.

Lights, fireworks, and confetti filled the stadium at the end of the closing ceremony.

Olympic athletes danced following the Sochi closing ceremony.

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