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A Social Empire

Not surprisingly, the former fashion executive is very tech savvy. During her time at Burberry, the company's Facebook page has grown to 15 million and Twitter followers have grown to two million, making it one of the top luxury brands in terms of social media.

In this video interview with Salesforce, Angela talks eloquently about blurring the line between digital and physical. She explains, "I grew up in a physical world, I speak English. The next generation is growing up in a digital world, and they speak social."

Mobile has also been a priority of hers at Burberry, and she expressed that importance in the interview, while holding up her own white iPhone: "When I travel around the world, all of the high-growth markets are mobile first. This enables everyone to be so much smarter about everything. We had a runway show in London, and it was a mobile-first show. Everyone could feel as if they had a front row seat and experience everything firsthand."

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