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Signs You Were a Die-Hard Spice Girl "Wannabe"

Mar 26 2014 - 1:14am

Here's a rumor that will spice up your life: the Spice Girls might join the Backstreet Boys for a reunion tour. While this is as likely as seeing Posh in a pair of Sporty's track pants, we would definitely pay our hard-earned money to see it, just like we did on Spice World movie tickets in 1997. Even if we shouldn't hold our breath for a "I Want It That Way" and "Wannabe" live mashup, let's relive the magic with all the signs you were Scary, Sporty, Ginger, Baby, and Posh's biggest fan.

Source: Getty / John Stanton [1]

You memorized Scary Spice's rap in "Wannabe."

"So here's the story, from A to Z . . . "

You knew who was Mel B.

And who was Mel C.

Posh was your fashion inspiration.

And Baby Spice was your hair role model.

But really, your wardrobe looked more like Sporty Spice's.

Adias track pants, hello?!

You didn't care that Posh never sang.


You used these fancy hand signs while singing "2 Became 1."

So sensual.

You dressed up as the Spice Girls for Halloween.

Everyone wanted to be Baby.

And maybe even performed a song at a school talent show.

You owned Spice World.

And considered it a decent movie, full of humor and emotion.

You memorized their "Say You'll Be There" names.

Trixie Firecracker? Perfection.

The Spice Girls reunion was your favorite part of the London 2012 Olympics.

Sorry, gymnastics.

Although you missed Emma's pigtails.

And Ginger's red hair.

At least Posh stayed true to character.

In the end, you're holding on tight, hoping for a reunion tour.

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