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Sugar Bits - Britney & Kevin's Awesome Vacation Apart

Sugar Bits - Britney & Kevin's Awesome Vacation Apart

  • Britney and Kevin reportedly each rented separate houses during their recent trip to Miami. With the exception of a very public frolic on the beach for all the paparazzi to see, they pretty much stayed away from each other. So much for their awesome marriage  - The Scoop 
  • David Hasselhoff says good friend Simon Cowell convinced him to be a judge on his latest talent show "America's Got Talent." It must have been Hasselhoff's tears of joy for Taylor Hicks at the Idol final that convinced Simon of his judge-worthiness. - AP
  • Jay-Z continues his strike against Cristal and he's happy to promote the other brands that have been selling well. What did he expect? - Page Six
  • Keira Knightley says she prefers British men to American ones because American men are too in to their appearance. She say she does make an exception for Johnny Depp, her Pirates of the Caribbean co-star identifying him as the best kisser among her leading men - People
  • Costume designer Patricia Field is now saying that Alec Baldwin is not the reason she left production of "The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing." She says it's "because the movie was run by a bunch of amateurs, except for the two actors [Alec Baldwin and Sarah Michelle Gellar]." Alec's people must have gotten to her - Lowdown



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