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Sugar Bits - Chris Sligh Didn't Want to Win Idol?!

Sugar Bits - Chris Sligh Didn't Want to Win Idol?!

  • Chris Sligh says he never wanted to win American Idol and even thought about quitting after his terrible Endless Love performance. Well, if his heart wasn't in it, he certainly deserved to go. - TMZ
  • A judge has thrown out a $1.5 million lawsuit against Beyonce after a broker on her House of Dereon line sued for more cash. He must not known bout her. He must not known bout her.- Page Six
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers wants everyone to know the bulge in his Henry VIII costume on the Tudors is not a codpiece, it's all his. Thanks for sharing? - R&M
  • Reports that Michael Jackson has pneumonia and is in the hospital are false, says his rep, he's just feeling a little under the weather. We wish him a speedy recovery. - AP
  • A 32 year old transient woman, and known celebrity stalker, was arrested outside the Cruise Family's house this morning. Thankfully, everyone is safe and the woman is being held for $45,000 bail. - TMZ



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