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Sugar Bits - Lost Fans Can't Keep A Secret

Sugar Bits - Lost Fans Can't Keep A Secret

  • On Saturday in Waikiki, the cast and crew of Lost were greeted by thousands of fans for a screening of the season premiere on condition that they keep their mouths shut until it airs. Meanwhile castmember Jorge Garcia walked his tiny dog. It looks like a few people didn’t keep their word as there are spoilers all over the Internet! - AP
  • Jennie Garth, formerly of 90210, and husband actor Peter Facinelli have a new baby girl named Fiona Eve Facinelli. It looks like Jennie has kept busy since she left 90210. Her newest baby makes three. - People
  • Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend has filed a suit against her demanding that she come back from the Bahamas with her baby for a paternity test. He also claimed that she is addicted to methadone and that she went to the Bahamas to avoid drug testing. Wow, and I thought my ex spoke bad about me after we broke up. - E! Online
  • A judge has issued a warrant for Bobby Brown's arrest in the state of Massachusetts for failing to pay child support to two children he had prior to his marriage to Whitney Houston. I guess that's one way to keep him from coming back to your state. - People
  • Star Jones and her husband Al Reynolds have evidently had it with New York and moved to Miami. In the meantime, Star continues to fly back and forth to Los Angeles in search of her own talk show. But, hasn’t she said enough? - Page Six
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