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Sugar Bits - Mel's Still Talking Crazy

Sugar Bits - Mel's Still Talking Crazy

  • Mel says that his anti-Semitic tirade was a gift and hopes it touches other people's lives. What is he talking about? - The Scoop
  • Trump has decided not to fire Miss USA Tara Conner, but instead give her a second chance. She will keep her crown for the moment and enter rehab instead. You know Miss California, the runner-up is so bummed. - People
  • Joe Barbera, one half of the famed Hanna-Barbera animation team has died of natural causes at the age of 95. Luckily his cartoons are timeless. - AP
  • Anna Wintour is raising eyebrows after green-lighting a documentary at Vogue. Evidently the last time she allowed cameras in at the magazine, she wouldn't get in front of them. Some people just feel more comfortable behind the scenes (but running the show). - Page Six
  • Former 'N Syncer Joey Fatone says he wants to be on Dancing with the Stars. Poor Joey wants to try to stay relevant - AP



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