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Sugar Bits - Paris' Shrink Says She's Traumatized

Sugar Bits - Paris' Shrink Says She's Traumatized

  • Paris' psychiatrist says she is emotionally traumatized from being sentenced to jail and is not capable of being involved in a civil trial brought against her by diamond heiress Zeta Graff. That's one way to get out of going to court! - TMZ
  • Anna Nicole's will was filed yesterday in an LA court by Howard K. Stern. Her total assets are worth $710,000 and they were all left to Daniel. Hopefully they'll find their way to Dannielynn. - People
  • Sylvester Stallone pleaded guilty Tuesday to bringing muscle-building hormones into Australia. He faces sentencing next week. Sounds like he might be spending some time down under. - AP
  • During her commencement speech at Howard University, Oprah said that her grandmother's wish was for her to find "some good white folks" to work for. She then pointed out that she now has some "really good white folks" working for her! We're sure grandma would be proud! - R&M
  • Kelly Clarkson says she was offended when her label asked her to record a Lindsay Lohan track on her last album. We don't blame her! - People
  • The Hoff is starting to see the humorous side of the infamous video showing him intoxicated and eating off the floor. “I just wish I’d used a knife and fork to eat that [bleep] burger." We still don't find it very funny. - The Scoop



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