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Sugar Bits - You'll Never Believe Who Left The OC

Sugar Bits - You'll Never Believe Who Left The OC

  • Surprise Surprise, Mischa's dead. Now what? - AP
  • Nicolas Cage buys private island just because he can - People
  • Do we really need another Charlie Sheen ex telling all about his cheer leading fetish? - Page Six
  • Is Lindsay Lohan growing up? Apparently everyone was buzzing at the Maxim party about the Brandon Davis video but LL refused to comment - Smart move LL - R&M
  • Halle Berry clashes with a British DJ - Something was lost in translation from the British to American English language - AP
  • Buy Martha's home for $9 Million. She hasn't redone the kitchen for 25 years so you may be able to negotiate the price down a little - People
  • William Hung Crowned 'Artichoke King' - previous winners include Marilyn Monroe. WOW, I never thought those two would be used in the same sentence - AP



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