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Sugar Bits — Prince Harry's Texts From Another Woman

Sugar Bits — Prince Harry's Texts From Another Woman

  • One reason behind Prince Harry's split from longtime girlfriend Chelsy Davy is apparently that she found text messages on his phone from another woman. Knowing his wild ways and how many women want him, somehow we're not surprised. — The Sun
  • The surgeon who operated on Donda West has expressed his condolences over her death, although he did not comment on his role in her passing. Considering all of the dirt piling up against him, he might want to keep quiet for a while. — AP
  • Some are speculating that Jon Bon Jovi may be planning a run for office in his home state of New Jersey because the rocker has hired a well-known political PR rep and regularly performs at fund-raisers for other politicians. Maybe he and Bruce Springsteen can be runningmates. — Page Six
  • Members of the Miley Cyrus Fan Club have filed a class-action lawsuit against the group after promises of access to tickets for the Hannah Montana tour weren't realized. Goes to show, don't mess with disappointed kids and their parents. — People
  • Nancy Grace has been hospitalized due to blood clots in her lungs, a complication stemming from the birth of her twins earlier this month. Hopefully Nancy gets well enough to leave the hospital soon and take care of her new babies. — AP



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