Sundance Has Started!

It's that time of year again! Sundance Film Festival kicked off this weekend which means all of your favorite indie (and not so indie) actors all got bundled up and headed to Park City, Utah. They will spend their time watching great films, doing some interviews, maybe get some skiing in, and oh yeah get a ton of free stuff while partying all night long. The young Hollywood crowd came out for the Motorola Late Night Lounge and it was a pleasure to see some of our favorite boys like Scott Speedman and Adam Brody. Tara Reid was also there continuing to not look drunk or trashy which we love. The way she's looking now, she actually might have a shot with some of these hotties. As for the movies, check out more about the comedies here.

More pics including Ryan Reynolds, Chad Allen, Rashida Jones, Matt Leinart, Ian Ziering, and Emile Hirsch just read more

Also Jake Busey, Joanna Krupa, Tyler Hilton and Wes Bentley

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