Last night some amazingly talented men came out to the premiere of Sweeney Todd . . . and then there was Wilmer Valderrama. Don't get me wrong — he's actually a successful entrepreneur in Hollywood. My personal favorite is Handy Manny (no really, Katie loves it). Yet, obviously he is a bit out of place when paired next to the talented a-listers like Johnny Depp and Steven Spielberg. One thing he has in common with these men tonight — the fancy facial hair. Seriously, what's up with all the hairy men? Somehow we left off Johnny and Tim from our favorite BFF poll, but these two are certainly the most creative of the bunch. We can't wait to see their latest imaginative world they created in Sweeney Todd.

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Images include Howard Stringer, Johnny Depp, Richard D. Zanuck, Stacey Snider, Stephen Sondheim, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Wilmer Valderrama