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Synopsis : Destiel E05-Cross Light at the Deadliest Stomping Ground


(Remark: Any part of this story DOES NOT reflect the official latest season of Supernatural series. In the event of any similarity is purely coincident. This story is merely Dean/Castiel fan-fiction and strictly NOT meant for the author's commercial publishing purpose)

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'Miracle bounces back once again…?' as what occurred on Dean's mind once he woke up from coma after the last fight with the Head of Leviathans. Nonetheless it was rather an understated theory than what it seemed, not literally one ‘miracle’ but in fact he was still alive because of the desperate aid from an old friend. Or more precisely the one who would give anything just to keep Dean safe, Cass.

Dean didn’t wake up straight from his comatose body due to overwhelming essences bled him inside out in collateral with transfer of Cass’s soul into his. For a period of time, the duo souls were actually trapped in the purgatory. When a close call encounter at a slope almost ripped Dean into shreds, everything but Cass paused. At that brief moment, some blazing white light streamed down onto Cass alongside with some resonance of divinely voices, breaking the paused silence. God offered Cass - the road of atonement. Cass eventually took an oath on his fullest loyalty and service rendered only to God in return for Dean’s salvation.

Soon when the cross white light faded, Cass stood in solitude once again at the deadliest stomping ground. But this time, horde of the ravenous monsters was gone. What left were the torn pieces of limbs scattered everywhere. As Cass peered across his surrounding, he found a body lying at the cornered Belthaphore Stones; surprisingly in in-tact condition and yet, with the familiar glow of the boy he used to know, Dean. Dean was merely knocked out with a minor clawed cut on his chest. Cass lay gingerly his hand on Dean’s wounded chest; using his angelic power to heal Dean.

Slowly Dean was being healed and inhaled in deep aftershock breath once awakened under Cass’s warm and secure arms. Incredulously, Dean stared upon Cass and wondered, “Cass..?Are.. (choking) are we still in purgatory and that monster that attacked me just poof?”

“It’s okay now, we’re safe. But we can’t stay any longer. The longer we stay here, the more lethal it is,” Cass replied.

While Dean hoarding his both arms around Cass, Cass tried to use up all energy of what left to zap them back to earth. The duo eventually halted right onto the center of the scene where the recurrence of the explosion of the Head of Leviathans’ vessel (Misha Collins) took place (p/s recalled - )

They should be arrived safe and sound to nowhere but home; but what riddled Dean was, why had to be that particular moment? But before he could even throw out the question to Cass, Cass gazed at him and with apparently with heaviest heart that could be visibly seen through those eyes. Then, Cass touched his two fingers on Dean’s forehead. Something has been taken away from Dean. It was that piece of memory of what happened in purgatory especially the hostile attack from that monster.

The next thing Dean knew was, he ‘miraculously’ woke up at hospital while Sam and Bobby visiting him (p/s recalled-

Nonetheless, during Sam and Bobby’s visit at the hospital, Sam accidentally saw Cass at a corner across the hallway and prying on their conversation. Cass eventually told Sam of what happened in that purgatory and requested Sam to keep it from Dean. Ever since, both parties moved on separately with Cass lived in term of God’s subject only while the Winchesters continued with their hunting businesses.

Soon the Winchesters were thrown into case when one of the crew of famous TV documentary program; ‘Ghost Explorers’ died in freak ‘accident’ during their lock down at Black Moon Manor; the most haunting place in Indiana with highest records of paranormal activities and sightings. Dean and Sam disguised as feds and once again, venturing out to connect the dots behind the case. Could it be the haunting or something else..?

But when Nick, the host of the ‘Ghost Explorers’ relayed to Dean a photo taken by infrared night-vision camera of the room on the exact spot where his deceased member had been smothered to dead by a mysterious entity, Dean came to notice what they were actually dealing with was some otherworldly creature instead of ghost. It was a leprechaun.

Dean recalled their two years ago encounter with fairies while Sam was ‘soulless’ for that period of time. Bringing along salts and a piece of spell to the manor, but their ridding plan was soon ruined when the leprechaun grabbed on Dean. Both Dean and the leprechaun incidentally disappeared through thin air.

In sheer of desperation, Sam called upon his long separated feathery friend, Cass, seeking for his help.

Once again Cass was thrust down to that crossroad and put into test …,

Undisclosed Chapters:-
Destiel E06: Mystery of Enkrypton
Destiel E07: Forbidden Fruit .. the sweetest
Destiel E08: Don’t be afraid of Your ‘Imaginary’ Friend

Angels we knew, were the essences rode inside fleshes and bloods; soldiers to God.. But yet, there was one single little thing about them not knowing by many but few, they were *originally* doves belonged to a place called Sanctuary in heaven and kept by Joshua, the Caretaker. It was then until the Lord gave them a chance of rebirthing. Neither men, women nor souls, these god’s recreations would be marked by names and armed with some special gifts. They were as what we called, Angels..

Among these recreations, lies a remarkable one, Cass who was compelled to intervene into the feud in between good versus evil to save a ‘boy’ whom was meant all worthy in his term. Once again, for the price of defiance against whatever he was destined for, god casts him back to his original form and commanded Joshua to lock him back to the cage for all eternal.

Joshua who had been rooting on the odds, somehow revealed to Dean about the punishment of god having for Cass. Likewise to the ‘boy’ who was meant everything to Cass, Dean would give just anything, anything to salvage Cass; even it required his soul as it was the only key to connect to the portal of the sanctuary.

But little Dean realized, the so-called heavenly’ informant’, Joshua was working under the instruction of god..Was it just some kind of test god putting them through, to see how far would Dean to salvage the one and only - special bonded angelic friend..?

CITATIONS … Words just can’t describe enough my gratitude to all the backbones show-runners of Supernatural series, from the creator, Erip Kripke to CW writers Jeremy Carver, Robert Singer, Ben Edlund, Sera Gamble, Julia Siege and many more who are involved in the show run. Their creativity and authenticity as exerted in their writings indeed inspired me at such great length of intensity.
The unbound anomaly, now and then as bestowed in between a fallen angel with a demon hunter despite has been depicted in such non-graphic way but their palpable chemistry isn’t completely out of reach. And it has become something to feel rather than seeing to believe in and also marked as an inadvertent mount of obsession that goes viral at point of no return…

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