Taylor Swift With Her Cat on Tour | Photos

Taylor Swift Brings Her Kitty on Tour

Taylor Swift held her cat, Meredith, in a carrier.

Taylor Swift made a stop in Miami for her Red tour with her mom and cat yesterday. She arrived at the American Airlines Arena with her cat, Meredith Grey — named after Ellen Pompeo's character on Grey's Anatomy — tucked away in a black animal carrier. Taylor is back on the tour grind after taking a week off to attend the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday. She also filmed a special concert series with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban, which will air in May on CBS. Following her Miami concert, Taylor tweeted about how happy she is to be back on the road. She said, "Whoa Miami! That was so much fun! After a week away, I'm stoked to be back on the Red tour."

Source: INFphoto.com